Albert Fung

Artist's Statement

My work is meaningful when it rings like a bell.  It shocks like the new, and it bothers like memory, like what you forgot you never knew.  It is what I wish would stay buried.  When you see it, your eyes touch it, and then it is you who is touched.  My work is meaningful when it is kinesthetic:  a sensation of color leaves a taste in one’s mouth; pictorial rhythms land like body blows.

It feels like a miracle.  Before it, I dare to fear.  Even if it is too much, I will pay.  The picture transcends something that you look at and becomes something you look with.  Noises turn to melody; we hold strangers suddenly dear.  Our lungs fill to say “Aha!” Our bellies slide as the plane takes off. 

My work consists of fragments that are woven together to form a world.  What interests me is how this collection of fragments, this Frankenstein, gains a soul, a Presence.  He seems to have something to say to us; we want to tell him things.  His incongruence, rather than waking me from the dream, gives me hope for recognition.  Rather than being strange; he is strangely familiar.  He looks back with my own eyes.

What you see is not so much what I see but rather my experience of seeing.  The presence of seeing emanates from behind the canvas.  I am reaching to what lies behind appearance.  The light energy flowing from back to front is the true subject of my work.



Albert Fung is a Philadelphia-based artist, art-instructor, and yoga instructor.

He was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  He earned his BFA in Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.  In 1996 he earned his MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.  He painted and exhibited in New York City from 1993 to 2011.   Since 2011, he has been based in Philadelphia.

In addition to making art, he has printed photographs for artists and managed IT.

He taught Lithography at Columbia University from 2005-07.  Since 2020, he has been teaching painting and drawing at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia.


He has been practicing yoga since 2003.  He has practiced mainly variations of Vinyasa and Anusara.  In 2015 he gained his Certification in Yoga Teaching in 2015 in the Classical tradition from Motherheart Yoga Sangha in Philadelphia.  He has taught at Motherheart, The Breathing Room, the Healing Fields, and at Open Space, all in Philadelphia.  

Today, he makes and exhibits paintings, drawings, and prints; teaches yoga and art; performs IT support.